Discovering Ghent, Belgium

Ghent Belgium was not a city I that I ever expected to see on the Itinerary on my first trip to Europe. In fact, I had not heard of it until we started looking into visiting Belgium. It was the last stop of my trip, but impressed me in my last two days.


Our visit to Ghent was around Christmas, so they had a nice little market set up with food trucks and vendors.

The blend of clear skies and weather that was not unbearable for December made for a really nice time in this neat city.


The city was easy to walk around in, as everything is surrounding Gravensteen Castle. As long as I could find the castle, I could pretty well navigate myself around and make my way back to our hostel.


We ate a the Holy Food Market. This was an indoor type of food court with many choices to choose from. The food quality was amazing. We enjoyed our pasta and nachos while just watching people gather around and have fun. There was a band playing in the other room, and everyone seemed to be having a really great Monday night in Ghent.


I will most definitely be trying to make my way back to this city sometime soon!


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