Lone Rock Campground Experience

We were wandering around the border of Utah and Arizona in search of a place to camp for the night. My wife ended up finding this place called Lone Rock Campground. The photos looked great, so we decided to check it out. This campground is located near Page, Arizona although the campground itself is in Utah. The campground is on a beautiful beach that faces a huge lone rock in the water. The views from this campsite are amazing. I believe the fees were $14 per night. Pretty unbeatable.


We arrived in Page, Arizona near sunset, got some food and went to set up camp in what amount of daylight that was left. I was under the impression that not a lot of people would be at this campground being that it was a Wednesday night. I should have assumed that since it was summer, there would probably be more people. The beach was almost full of vehicles and all sorts of campers and tents. So we fit in just fine.


Setting up camp is not exactly fun when you have a very strong breeze coming off of the nearby water. The tent constantly wants to turn into a kite and the sand wasn’t the most reliable to stick our spikes in. But we found some dirt that was hard enough to hold us down securely. We were at a much higher elevation that we live in, so setting up the tent was probably more difficult than it should have been.

After we got the tent set up and everyone had turned out their lights for the night. We decided to keep the rain cover off of our tent and watch the stars. Within ten minutes we had each seen 3 shooting stars.


That night our mattress kept deflating. I was fortunate enough to still sleep the entire night. My wife was apparently sleeping on a rock, but she didn’t complain. All in all this site would have to be a 10 out of 10 for me, regardless of a little misfortune. The views were amazing and hard to beat. Plus, the cheap camping fee made things even better.


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