5 Things to Love About Road Trips

Each road trip is a unique adventure that allows you to see the sites that you may otherwise never see. While they may not be everyone’s preferred form of traveling, you should try it at least once! Here are some of my favorite parts of taking a road trip.

  1. Driving

I generally travel pretty quickly on road trips. I spend some time in particular cities, but then I am on the road again. Seeing all of the new and interesting things along the way make driving a very interesting and fun thing to do!

2. The Conversations

While inside a car for several hours, you are sure to have some wonderful conversations with whoever you may be traveling with. You can really get to know a person when you are in a confined space with them for days!

3. The Backseat


After you spend a long time driving, the backseat can seem like an oasis. Being tall, I am finally able to stretch out and really get comfortable in the back when someone else takes a driving shift.

4. Singalongs

Whether it be a new found gem or an old favorite, jamming out to music while exploring the country is one of my favorite things. Even the most boring of drives can turn into a party when you have the right playlist.

5. Enjoying the Journey, Not Just the Destinations


Even though you definitely have destinations in mind, do not be afraid to stop and explore! Some of the most beautiful and interesting things that I have ever seen have happened on unplanned stops.

What’s your favorite part about road trips?


4 thoughts on “5 Things to Love About Road Trips

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  1. I love that you can just pull over if you see something interesting & change your route along the way! I get really attached to the car if it’s a road trip away from home as well – I was really sad to say bye to ‘Jerry’, our rental car during a three week road tip in California!

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