Journey to Monument Valley

What I would consider the first real day of my road trip this May (that did not simply consist of driving) began with an unexpected stop. One of the many reasons that I love to drive on trips is the fact that you get to happen upon some beautiful scenery that you have never heard of. This happened when we stumbled upon Angel’s Peak Scenic Area in New Mexico.


This did help to break up the four hour drive we had been on from Albuquerque quite nicely. It was nice to stop in the middle of nowhere and just take in the scenery for a bit.

After this stop, we continued on to the Four Corners Monument. I have wanted to see it since I was a child. It was exactly what it sounded like. There are the four corners of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah are found here. Besides that, you will find the desert and some stands where you can purchase items made by Native Americans. Even though there is not much to see, it is still worth checking out at least once. I would not plan to spend too much time here, however.


We were then on our way to my favorite part of the day, Monument Valley.


When we arrived it was quite warm and sunny out, even with it being kind of late in the day. It’s nice to take road trips in the summer due to extended daylight hours. I can not say enough good things about Monument Valley. The entire area was quite amazing, with something to see around every corner.


You can drive yourself around the 14 mile, graded dirt road loop and take in all of the sights.


The last time I was in Utah, I was only passing through and did not realize how amazing this state was going to be. Seeing some more of what Utah has to offer was probably the best way for me to feel welcomed back to the west, the road, and Utah.​


Do be aware that your National Park Pass is not accepted here; however, it is still well worth the entrance fee! Unlike some national parks, Monument Valley does close. Their hours are May through September 6:00am – 8:00pm and October through April 8:00am – 5:00pm. I most definitely recommend this place to anyone and everyone!


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