My First International Travel Experience

Traveling can be stressful sometimes, but I stick through it and accept anything it has to throw at me. I truly want to travel everywhere and know that both good and bad things may happen when traveling.

My first trip ever to Europe was a bit tough. I do not fit well in airplane seats or sleep well on flights since I’m tall. Taking a redeye to Amsterdam with a connecting flight in Iceland did not help me much in the way of relaxing.


We arrived very tiredly in Amsterdam only to realize it wasn’t even time to check into our hotel. We had not thought about this when booking the cheapest flight we could find. This was quite a surprise to me, the guy who that he would shove all of his luggage into what turned out to be a very heavy bag. Luckily for us, the staff at our hotel was kind enough to put it in their storage room and encouraged us to look around the city until it was time to check in.

I am very much dressed in comfy plane clothes and have not slept in around 24 hours, so not the best time for me to be walking around.


We left the hotel to walk in the snow with nothing but our sense of direction. I generally picked the direction that seemed to be snowing the least. Between the snow and all of the different languages around me I thought I had landed in the Soviet Union. This was my first abroad experience, so it was a little shocking at first.


We wondered around for a while before we could not stand anymore and went to the room to check if it was ready. We slept for a while to discover the snow was staying and only adding up. 

The next morning there was snow everywhere with no end in sight. The snow was so bad it basically canceled our first two days and made us replan. Our days now would have to be a lot less sight seeing and more trying to not fall and to stay warm.


I, at times, was asking myself, why would I ever leave home? Why would I think that this would be fun? My mood never really turned bad though because I simply knew I hadn’t really planned my days perfectly out. Now I would just adapt and see what I can with the time provided. This is a trick I have found in my travels. Keeping as loose a schedule as possible typically works best.

Traveling at times is hard, but it is the one treat we give ourselves in life that, even when it’s bad, it is still good to be out exploring.


5 thoughts on “My First International Travel Experience

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  1. One experience may differ to another one, so we shouldn’t let one lousy travel experience will be the last. 🙂
    I hope you’ll enjoy Amsterdam the next time you revisit it.

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  2. Thanks for liking my post on Manhattan College . I felt the same way when I took my first trip to London and Malaysia. Culture shock. It can be overwhelming , but no don’t let one bad experience cloud other experiences.

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